One on One Deep Healing Sessions include: 

The Emotion Code/Body Code

The Heart Wall

Our hearts are fragile and vulnerable to emotional injury. Trapped Emotions become lodged in or around the heart creating a Heart Wall to protect us from pain & trauma. In time this causes disruptions in our energy flow, which interferes with our relationships, success as well as physical and emotion health. Symptoms such as feelings of isolation, trouble giving and receiving love, success blocks, depression or emotional numbness. 93% of people have a Heart Wall.

Child Mind Therapy™

The Emotion Code/Body Code is an advanced energy healing technique that uses muscle testing to get precise answers from your  subconscious about imbalances in your body that need to be addressed,  releasing emotional baggage and restoring the body to a state of perfect health and balance. The process is simple, fast and effective.

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Adults: $150 Kids: $80

The Child Mind is the pure Essence of who we were created to be, our truest Self.  Child Mind Therapy™ is the deepest work we do on a Soul level. We are accessing blocks to reconnecting the Body, Mind and Soul as one Being, allowing you to return to a state of Wholeness, Oneness, and Pure awareness, your natural state. Inner Child, Soul loss, limiting beliefs and past traumatic experiences are gently processed and resolved. 

24 Hr Cancellation Policy

Prior to 24 hrs session may be rescheduled or transferable to another client.